Saving Our Tomorrow
By Using Blockchain Technology

ROXI is a blockchain-based platform aimed to
help increase the economic values of emission
mitigation ecosystem.



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A Warming Planet

Our modern civilization has achieved vast progress since the beginning of the industrial revolution through the usage of fossil fueled machines. But fossil fuels usage has also been causing increased earth surface temperature.

The condition was caused by entrapped heat radiation in our sky. Scientists called such events as global warming as it impacts are felt across the world where climate change took place and lead to various disasters.


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Carbon Initiatives Grow

Every Exchange Of $ROXI Will Support Verified Local Green Projects To Capture Co2.

Live Better

Emission Reduction From Preserved Growing Carbon Initiatives Provide Us With More O2 And A Better Life.

Our Patron and Leaders


Peter F. Gontha


Peter F. Gontha founded the Melchor Group in 2019, whose mission is to preserve the planet and prevent climate change impacts through carbon sequestration activities. Since then, Melchor Group has grown into becoming a parent company of several progressive subsidiaries that focus on environmental aspects.




Rudi Poespoprodjo


With comprehensive marketing and operational knowledge added with experiences stretched over 30 years in various industries -from IT to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Industry- Rudi is one of the creative drivers of development and ideas in Melchor Group. His pivotal point of interest in the environmental sector was magnified in 2015 after being appointed by the Indonesian Ambassador to Poland, HE Peter F Gontha, to assist in the field of sustainable industry and renewable energy.



Our Experts


Aisyah Sileuw MSc

Senior Advisor ROXI

Subject Matter Expert - Sustainable Forest Management

Mrs. Aisyah Sileuw MSc is an expert in sustainable forest management. She is a seasoned expert with more than 15 years of experience working on social aspects of sustainable forest management, community-based forestry, chain of custody, and other forest verification initiatives.



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